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Simulcation Education Modules are part of our commitment to making learning effective and fun. Choose standard Education Modules or customized Education Modules for your Businesses and Education needs.


Participants learn:


  • Problem solving with simulated real-life challenges
  • Efficient decision making, with time pressure
  • Experience real world products in action
  • Understand the complexity of a datacenter
  • Understand implications of your decisions beyond the datacenter


Starter modules are designed to give users a good base level of understanding of a datacenter set up and its operation. As the modules progress the learning become deeper. Participants learn and expand their skills to find solutions to make their datacenter increasingly more efficient and resilient, all the while preventing cyber-attacks, dealing with hardware failures and service plan expirations along the way.


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“People trained on simulations do their job better, have higher skills, retain information longer, and develop a strong belief in their ability to perform in challenging situations.”


– University of Colorado


Experience a sample Simulcation Education Module for free:


Step One: Registration

This special link will register you and add you to the module demo module:



Step Two: Application Download

Follow this link to download the desktop application from Simulcation:

Download APP

Education Module: Free Lessons


View and run these lesson missions in the Simulcation Application

EXPLORE THIS FIRST!  An introduction to

Simulcation - Free mission - Easy - 6 minutes


During this mission, ‘Louise’, your personable Datacenter assistant, will introduce you to the application with a short walk-through and introduction of Simulcation’s features.



Basic Skills: Introduction to Electricity

Easy - 5 minutes




The ‘Basic Skills’ series of missions is designed to introduce you to the basic fundamentals of a Datacenter. In this mission we explore electricity and incidents in the Datacenter. Louise will walk you through resolving an incident situation with electricity!


Basic Skills: Install a Standalone - Easy - 5 minutes




In this mission, Louise will explain what transactions and servers can do for your business bottom line and walk you through the steps to install a ‘Standalone’ component in your simulated Datacenter.




“While sometimes perceived as ‘video games,’ in fact, the best simulations allow students to experiment with ideas and outcomes and ultimately master the application of concepts to real situations.


– Harvard University



Video: Playing a Mission in Simulcation


Videos: Installing Simulcation PC & MAC


Simulcation Installation Guide

STEP ONE, download and installation:


  • To download the application to your PC or Mac click follow this link:
  • On the software page, select the download button:

Download APP

STEP TWO, installation:


  • Once the installer is downloaded double click the installer at the location you saved it


  • Follow the on-screen instructions in the installer


  • NOTE: If you are on a very secure laptop or behind a very secure firewall you may need your SYSADMIN to allow you to install the app and/or open a port to allow Simulcation to communicate with our servers on IBM Bluemix


  • As our App is very new, you might get a warning from your Antivirus system that the application only has a few users (although it is digitally signed). If you can, resolve the message and proceed. If you cannot, please contact your IT support to see how you can proceed


  • If  you can, resolve the message and proceed. If you cannot, please contact your IT support to see how you can proceed



STEP THREE, running Simulcation:


  • Run Simulcation


  • You can adjust the size of the application on your screen with the Screen Adjustment pop-up that appears each time you run the app:


  • Screen resolution - select a screen size that works well for your screen, 1024 x 768 is the default size, but on modern laptops you can go as high as 2880x1900 as above.


  • For full screen un-check the 'Windowed' box (use Alt-tab, ESC, of F4 to exit the application)


  • When you pleased with the settings hit 'Play!' to continue.





  • Sign in to Simulcation


  • Use the same email and password you used when you registered on the Simulcation site


  • If you forgot your password, just follow the 'forgot password' link to create a new one


STEP FIVE, mission select:


  • The first time you run Simulcation short tutorial video presenting Simulcation will launch in a browser. You can watch this through or Alt-Tab (Command-Tab on Mac back to the application.)


  • On the Mission control screen Select the large Mission button to see a list of available missions for review.


  • We suggest you start with the mission entitled 'Play this first! Intro to Simulcation'


  • Be sure to play the contest mission entitled ‘TechData UK Q2 2018 Contest - 15 mins’ for your chance to win fantastic prizes (see terms and conditions below for more details).